MacInTak Computers offers a variety of services for all different types of computers and electronic devices.

If possible, please call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

We accept walk-ins, or scheduled

service appointments, and are available to service anyone, whether you are a home user, or a large corporation.

Please call us directly at

(585) 230-4756 or

to schedule an appointment today!

Monday - Friday 12PM - 6PM                                                         Saturday - 12PM - 5PM

      Sunday - CLOSED

Desktop Diagnostics - $49.00***


Laptop Diagnostics - $59.00***


Network Diagnostics - $89.99



LCD Replacement - $149.99*


Glass/Digitizer Replacement - $79.99*


Internal Dust Removal - $49.99

Virus Removal - $89.99


Antivirus Software Install - $79.99*


Software Updates - $79.00



RAM (Memory) Upgrade - $49.99*




OS Installation - $149.00


System Restore/Reset - $89.99


Data Transfer - $80.00**


Data Recovery - $120.00**

*The prices listed here are given for only labor. Parts are not included. Prices are subject to change at any time, as each job varies in difficulty. These prices reflect a standard job cost, but are subject to either increase or decrease depending on the difficulty of your specific service.

**Data transfer/recovery prices vary based on the amount of data being transfered, and the integrity of the data being transfered.

To get a specific job priced, please call us directly at (585) 230-4756.

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