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Our Humbled Beginnings!

At MacInTak Computers Inc. we provide a unique service — we are probably the only Apple/Mac service that works on current systems and Macs that date back to 1999 or older. If you were in a situation that you needed to transfer your files to a more current Mac, then you've found the right business. If you needed to switch from a PC to Mac, we can make the switch quick and easy for you. We also offer tutoring to guide you in using your new computer if the Mac platform is not familiar to you, or if you just need some refreshing!


We sell refurbished systems with a fresh installation of the operating system and have been cleaned, upgraded with RAM and in most cases with new parts such as, but not limited to: hard drives, keyboards and screens for our laptops.


We service both new and old Macs, and PCs. We fix and replace broken or bad laptop screens, non working optical (CD/DVD-ROM) drives, keyboards, failing hard drives, and even motherboards. We also provide virus and maliscious software removals!


At MacInTak, "Every Mac Is Intact".


We are undoubtedly, your #1 resource for everything Mac in Rochester!


The Exceptional Service We Provide

As our slogan states, MacInTak is all about keeping your computer intact!


We take this slogan very seriously, and it is evident throughout the many services our business provides. One thing we take very seriously is the physical condition of the computers we sell, and repair.


Often times, we use our computers for years, and never think to clean the internal components. Just as we dust our homes down, or clean our cars, a computer too should be serviced in this way. Why you might ask? Layers of dust can build up on many of the internal components, and cause them to overheat, which in turn will either impede the proper performance, or cause them to fail completely at any given moment!


With every repair service, we give the option of a Physical Cleaning. Our routine cleaning services can increase the lifetime of your computer and ensure the best performance possible!

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